Things to do in Prince Albert

African Relish

Posted on Wed April 1, 2020 in Things to do in Prince Albert.

African Relish is a Recreational cooking school in the Karoo town of Prince Albert in the Western Cape, South Africa. Select a themed half or full day cooking class. Experience South African produce, cuisine, luxury accommodation and enjoy African Relish either as a stand-alone destination or part of an extended foodie tour.

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Go on a culinary adventure in the Karoo

Posted on Fri February 16, 2018 in Things to do in Prince Albert.

If you have a passion for cooking and you want to raise your skill level, or you’d like to learn to cook under a great South African chef in a real restaurant environment, why not head out to the Karoo and have a little taste of African Relish?

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Humble Karoo beginnings that turned into a fruitful family empire

Posted on Wed January 24, 2018 in Things to do in Prince Albert.

Prince Albert is well known for its stunning natural beauty, the famous Swartberg pass and the fascinating 150-year-old heritage of this small town. The landscape around Prince Albert tells a million stories of the people that lived here, their humble beginnings and the treasures they uncovered. And as history will show, treasures can be very fruitful indeed.

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The famous Sunday roast at the Mont d'Or Swartberg Hotel

Posted on Fri December 8, 2017 in Things to do in Prince Albert.

If we had to pick a favourite day of the week, it would probably be Sunday. Why? Because on Sundays we like to get people together to reflect on the week that has passed over a hearty Sunday roast.

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A national monument for those with a sense of adventure

Posted on Fri October 13, 2017 in Things to do in Prince Albert.

The town of Prince Albert in the Karoo is a historical gem and tourists from (literally) all over the world come to visit the many national monuments around this little town. There is one particular monument that is arguably the most famous of all, but to visit this monument, you would have to go on an epic journey.

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