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Go on a culinary adventure in the Karoo

Posted on Fri February 16, 2018 in Things to do in Prince Albert.

If you have a passion for cooking and you want to raise your skill level, or you’d like to learn to cook under a great South African chef in a real restaurant environment, why not head out to the Karoo and have a little taste of African Relish?

What is African Relish?

African Relish is a cooking school and restaurant that offers a variety of cooking courses and foodie experiences for every taste and skill level. At African Relish, you decide how involved you want to be – from playing sous-chef under head chef Camilla, to taking a front row seat with a drink in your hand, to just enjoying the food that everyone else slaved over – the choice is yours.

African Relish Courses and Tours

Whether you want to prepare gourmet food in a small kitchen environment, impress your new vegetarian girlfriend with an inspiring superfood dish, or just find out what the people of Prince Albert put in that famous Karoo lamb to make it so unbelievably delicious, the team at African Relish can help you satisfy your craving.

Join a master class and make dinner for the restaurant guests

Put yourself to the test with the Kitchen Confidential master class. Learn cooking skills, how to plate dishes, and other skills and kitchen hacks – all under the guidance of chef Camilla. Later on, sit down with the other restaurant guests and enjoy the food you helped to prepare. And if you’d rather learn the skills without taking part in the actual cooking process – no problem! You can move around the table and see how everything is done without ever getting your hands dirty – except maybe for a taste every now and then.

Learn from famous chefs

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to learn specialist skills from a celebrity chef, you should check out African Relish’s course schedule. Every now and then, the team at African Relish likes to spice things up by getting an acclaimed chef to teach skills at the restaurant.  Imagine joining a cooking class hosted by the famous Karen Dudley from The Kitchen (the only restaurant in Cape Town that Michelle Obama visited when she was in South Africa). This kind of personal interaction with masters is what these special courses are all about, and if you’re lucky, you’ll still get a spot for Karen’s Easter cooking class. Click here to see the schedule and keep checking back to see when you can create magic alongside another celebrity chef.

Also keep an eye out for other culinary adventures such as their Foodie Tours, Foraging Tours and Gourmet Cycle Tours. The full list of courses and tours can be found on their website, here.

                                                                                                                       Photo credit: Russel Wasserfall

Let’s get cooking!

So, whether you’re serious about cooking and you want to get more serious, or you just want to get creative with fresh local ingredients under the guidance of a great chef, make sure to book your cooking course at African Relish soon. You’ll learn new skills, make delicious meals and in the process, you will be helping to empower the kitchen staff, who are all learning to become great chefs too.

To find out more about African Relish, click here. If you’re interested in knowing more about chef Camilla, read about her here.