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What it means to stay over in a hotel that is a national monument

Posted on Mon September 11, 2017 in Accommodation in a National Monument.

If you have ever visited a national monument you will probably have experienced that feeling of nostalgia that comes with standing in a place with such significance. You may have contemplated the events that make this place so special, wondered about the people behind those events, and how it all transpired to become the national treasure that you can experience today.

Now imagine spending a few days living in a 150-year-old national monument. You would be walking the hallways where the visionaries of this special place once walked. Their footsteps and dreams etched into the very foundations of this magnificent building. Their story left for you to uncover and to make your own. When you stay at The Swartberg Hotel in Prince Albert, you’re not only staying in a hotel that has been deemed a national monument, you are taking part in its heritage by honouring the dreams of the people that created it.

The story of the hotel starts in 1864 with one man’s idea to offer visitors and people passing through Prince Albert a place to stay and something to eat. John Dyason bought a large building on the corner of Church and Market street with the dream of turning it into the first hotel in town. Unbeknown to him, this local man’s dream turned into the monumental undertaking that set into motion the various events that would ultimately lead to the status of The Swartberg Hotel today – a national monument and a gem.

When Dyason passed away the hotel was passed on to his widow and later sold to a Mrs Eksteen, who renamed it to the ‘Exteen Hotel’. After this, the hotel was sold off a few times more to different people who all had their own dreams for what the hotel should be. Each of these events added another layer of character to the hotel and contributed, in a unique way, to the rich history of this incredible place. The history is preserved in the character of this beautiful building and as for the future of the Swartberg Hotel, well the story is still being written by the owners today.

If you’re interested in experiencing the legacy of this national monument and our plans for the future, we’d love to receive you and give you a tour. Immerse yourself in that old world charm when you stay in the main house, or get a more secluded feel in one of our newly built garden cottages. With a few modern updates here and there, you will be very comfortable living in this gorgeous relic without changing your lifestyle. Enjoy the free wifi, the sparkling swimming pool with loungers, the well-equipped gym and of course the treatment room for a fantastic massage. Let our kitchen staff spoil you with a nice bottle of red wine and a velvety Karoo lamb shank at our Victoria Dining Room, or a refreshing cocktail at our Ladies bar. Whatever your needs, we will always try to give you the best experience possible.

Book a stay with us now and become part of The Swartberg Hotel’s story. Read more about our rich heritage here and keep an eye out for any specials on our Special Offers page. We hope to meet you on our legendary porch soon.