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A fresh new taste is coming to the historic town of Prince Albert

Posted on Wed November 15, 2017 in Things to do in Prince Albert.

The Swartberg Hotel is launching a brand new gin bar in Prince Albert

When most people think of Prince Albert… Oh, wait… Most people don’t think about Prince Albert because most people don’t even know about its existence. That’s because this little town, like so many in the Karoo, has been frozen in time for more than 150 years. Most of its buildings have been declared national monuments and thus the locals try to preserve these bits of heritage for any visitors who want to stop by for a glimpse into the past.

Now, just because Prince Albert is filled with history, monuments and dusty roads it doesn’t mean that it is stuck in the past. Many businesses have adapted their services to cater to modern travellers. For instance, the local Showroom Theatre now doubles as a seminar venue, most bars and restaurants have cable television for international sports games, and yoga classes are popping up all over the place – mostly because visitors have a really hard time getting into the (very) slow Karoo mindset.

The Swartberg Hotel too has gone through many changes to make it an attractive abode for any modern traveller looking for a luxury stay in a world heritage site. This year, we have learned something very valuable: Sometimes, to preserve something we must add alcohol.

Introducing the Green Prince, our new gin bar

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to the Swartberg Hotel, our Green Prince gin bar. We’ll be welcoming guests to our new gin joint from early December, so keep your eyes on our Facebook page for launch details. This is what you can expect from the Green Prince:

Local (gin) is lekker (gin)

We’re kicking off the launch of the Green Prince with a selection of the finest local gins, including Inverroche, Wilderer, KWV’s Cruxland and the colour-changing Six Dogs Blue (you’ll have to come and see it for yourself). All of these delicious gins will be combined with the tastiest tonics and different garnishes to bring out the unique flavours of each one.

Gin and tonic on tap – yes, really!

Pour your gin and tonic beer-tap style from our super fun G&T keg! This is a fun way to experiment with garnishes, as you add a different one to every glass. Let your inner alchemist come out as you infuse your gin with rosemary, limes and all types of berries.

Taste gin the proper way with our tasting platters

Did you know that mixers like tonic can often mask the taste of the flavourful botanicals in the gin? Yes, like a good whiskey, gin is best appreciated in its purest form – neat. That is how we start off our tasting platters at the Green Prince. First, you’ll taste the gins straight – with no frills. You’ll then be able to add the tonics little-by-little, to see how the taste changes. It’s a fun way to get to know the different natural flavours in each gin and to find your perfect gin-to-tonic ratio. But beware – it takes a small amount of gin to go from a budding alchemist to a babbling one.

So, whether you’re keen to develop your gin palate or you just want to enjoy a good old G&T with some good old people, we hope we see you at our swanky new gin bar in December. Also, take a look at our special offers to see how you can save on accommodation when you stay at the Swartberg Hotel. Cheers!