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Escape the Cape and come relax in the Karoo

Posted on Mon June 18, 2018 in Accommodation in Prince Albert.

To all our friends in the Cape Town area, why not take a break from the Cape and join us in the Great Karoo for some hearty food, nostalgia and a true home-away-from-home experience.

If you feel like the city life is taking its toll on your stress levels, and you want to get away from it all for a while, we’ve got some good news for you. We’ve had loads of guests from the Cape Town area over the years and so many of them say a road trip to Prince Albert is the best weekend getaway for clearing your mind and getting some new perspective.


What makes Prince Albert the best weekend getaway for people from Cape Town?


The Perfect Road Trip Distance

Prince Albert is about a 4-hour drive from Cape Town. This is the perfect amount of time for a nice weekend road trip. Its close enough for a weekend getaway, yet far enough away to feel like you’re properly getting away from it all. And there’s really nothing like leaving the cityscape behind you to venture into the wide open spaces of the Great Karoo.

road trip to Karoo


The Great Karoo

Many books, poems and songs have been written about this special place – and for good reason. The vastness of the landscape, the beauty of simplicity and the kindhearted people that live here all make this place a unique and wonderful escape from your normal routine.


Experiencing The Iconic Swartberg Hotel

Staying with us at the Mont d'Or Swartberg Hotel puts you right in the middle of the sleepy little town of Prince Albert. We’ve been a landmark in this little piece of paradise for over 150 years and the rooms and hallways of our building tell the stories of the rich history surrounding this special place.

At the Swartberg hotel, you can completely let go and let us look after you. The hotel has a restaurant, a coffee shop, a deli, a gin bar, a games and reading room and of course, our famous Ladies Bar.


That means that you could spend your entire weekend with us without leaving the premises, except maybe for a nostalgic stroll down the road for a show at the Showroom Theatre or a visit to Gay’s famous Guernsey Diary. The choice is yours, and there’s really no rush.


The Swartberg Hotel is such an integral part of the Prince Albert experience that even the people that don’t stay over, come to take a look around. We’re open to everyone, whether you’re a guest in our 150-year-old monument, a passerby or a motorcycle group in need of some refreshment – our doors are open to you.


So, if you’re ever in need of a break and you feel like taking on the open road, come and pay us a visit. We’re always running specials and competitions, so check out our specials page here and keep a lookout on social media to see how you can win.